An Introduction To The Trance Experience

I get asked a lot “where should I start?’ Or if there are any tricks / tips to going under or if everyone is able to reach a deep trance state etc.
Everyone can go under, in fact you probably have been under many times and just didn’t realize it. Things like zoning out while driving or getting very caught up in a movie as if it were real. These are examples of being in a trance state. It is basically being in between wake and sleep, not fully awake and alert but not asleep either. Now there are levels of trance/hypnosis and some people can just naturally reach a deep trance state very easily while others only feel a light trance similar to the zoning out while driving I mentioned. People who walk or talk in their sleep can usually reach these deeper trance levels much faster/easier than others. They are what is called somnambulist. The part of the brain that distinguishes between sleep and wake functions a little differently than others so it makes it much easier to trance or be in that “in between” state.
Everyone can experience the trance state but for some it takes time to reach those deep levels. If you are not a somnambulist but want to experience those deeper states you will actually need to train your brain to go into deeper levels. The best way to do this is repetition, just listen while wearing headphones once a day for a few weeks. Try not to think about if it’s working or if you are in trance or not, just listen and/or watch whatever is most comfortable for you, over time your brain with naturally go into trance and you will be able to reach those deeper states.

here is a video to start with -Introduction to Trance

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